Inttl Advocare specializes in seizure actions through court appointed commissioners in infringement suits. The firm has experience of conducting more than 1500 civil actions Pan India. The firm has also obtained more than 6 John Doe orders which has helped in curbing the menace of counterfeit activities

The firm also conducts criminal seizure actions by way of filing criminal complaints and involving local police depending upon the requirements of the clients. The firm has conducted criminal seizure actions in more than 10 states in India with the help of the local police. Senior members of the firm have also conducted training programme for police officials which facilitates in smooth criminal actions and enhances understanding of the laws

The firm has been instrumental in protecting client rights in their brands by way of custom recordals, participating in the interdiction of the counterfeit/infringing goods being imported in India and facilitating the destruction of such goods. Members of the firm meet custom officials on need basis, interact with them and assist the officials in understanding the intellectual property laws and overcome technical and legal challenges in enforcement of the brand owner rights.