Legal Metrology
'Legal Metrology Act, 2009' and the Rules thereof, is a social welfare legislation meant to protect the interest of the consumers. The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodity) Rules 2011 prescribe declarations to be made on the labels of the packages that are meant for retail sales and are packed when the consumer is not physically present. The said Act and Rules thereof, inter alia, prescribes mandatory / statutory requirements concerning
  1. purchase, calibration, sealing and use of weighing scales for commercial purpose;
  2. purchase, use of units of weights and measures
  3. label declaration on the packages of products meant for retail sales.
  4. Declarations to be made on the wholesale packages
  5. Requirement for obtaining registration of premises where the commodities / goods are manufactured, packed, imported for distribution are stored for retail sales or distribution.
  6. One of the recent amendments requires, inter alia, the labels of the packages containing imported goods to declare the country of origin of the said product so a consumer can take a well informed decision.
The Legal Metrology team at Inttl Advocare has successfully advised its Clients across the industries by providing them with creative and workable solutions that are statutorily compliant, through a combination of in-depth industry knowledge, practical experience and intensive research, spanning:
  1. Rendering opinions on various aspects of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities Rules), 2011, with a view to provide a better understanding of the law and strict compliance.
  2. Advising the clients the nature, content, scope and manner of declarations to be made on the labels of the packaged commodity whether meant for retail or wholesale, as required by the Rules.
  3. Assisting with procurement of the required registration with the Department of Legal Metrology at the State as well as at the Central Govt. level for the premises where manufacturing/packing and/or labeling of commodities including imported takes place.
  4. Drafting and preparing responses to the Show Cause Notices issued by the Department of Legal Metrology alleging non-compliance and strategizing and defending any proceedings due to alleged non-compliance of the Act and the Rules thereunder, thus helping the Clients ensure strict adherence and avoid costly litigations and inconvenience to its senior managerial personnel including Directors.